Thursday, January 13, 2011 | 0 Party[s]

i love you
that the only three words i can tell you
i need you
yes , but you never know how much pain i felt
i miss you
so much , do you feel the same ? 

i know , you lying
you don't love me
real with me , be truth to your heart
if you do , just stay

the more you avoiding me 
the more pain in my heart
the more you leaving me
the more razor and crying for me
don't you see ?
can't you know ?
how much i love you ?
why can't you understand ?

your lying
you never love me
you never did baby
but you admit that was true
but it wasn't
your heart belong to her

i can't see how much you love me ?
yes dear , i can't
how can i see with your silent 
how can i heard your heart when you far away
i don't know you
i don't know who are you
i want your love
just your heart
i don't look at personalities

i can't live 
i can't eat
i can't sleep
i can't focus on my studying

love makes humans heart hurts
love makes humans feel pain
love makes humans sucks
love makes humans sad
love makes humans happy
love makes smiling on humans faces

and i promises to myself
i take that risk
to love you
i take that risk
to makes you happy
i just want you to smile when you with me
i just want you to hug me and tell
how much you love me

but, all my dreams, never come true
now , tell me if you hate me
tell me how much you don't like me
tell me why you want to leave me

i try myself to stop loving you
although it take me until my last breath
anything for you , my love
Stranger ?

Hello Peeps !
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